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Plainedge Class Of '64

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If you were a ’64 Plainedge graduate, you are in the right spot. This is the NEW Class Of '64 website !  OK, so it's been nearly 50 years since we graduated from PHS. We are still going strong and managed to stay connected through the efforts of several classmates who worked to gather our class together for the 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 year anniversaries of our graduation.

So many things have changed more than we could have ever imagined. We can now contact each other by using the Internet, sending e-mails, sharing pictures, videos, and music. To take advantage of these new technologies we've created this Class website. We hope you will find it easy to use and chock full of fun and interesting things. You will find plenty of memories and a great way for you to see what's become of everyone and connect with others.

In order to access all areas of this website, you will need to be registered with a password. This is to protect the privacy of our classmates.  You will need to  set one a profile here. But it does not take long. If this is your first time here, click on Classmate Profiles , find your name and click it, then click JOIN HERE and follow the steps to complete your registration. It’s as simple as that. Next time you come back, just log in with your email and password. If you want step-by-step instructions, click HERE.

Experiment and explore all around the site. There are many clickable links. Follow them all to see more. One feature of this website is the Devils' Discussions – where people can join in “discussions” with other classmates. We have started it off with several suggested forums. Feel free to post your topic within any of them or….suggest a new forum category. Try it out!

There is also the ability for LIVE CHAT where you’ll be able to talk to others online real-time. You'll even be able to "see" others or let them see you if you have a webcam!

Don’t forget to send a current photo so that we can add it to our Then & Now page. Even if you sent one before, send us a new one if you'd like it updated.  E-mail it to phs64@optonline.net  Come back often and update your information as it changes. We will try to keep adding new information. Most of all – ENJOY!

This website was created for all of you for the purpose of reconnecting with all members of PHS ‘64. The more everyone participates, the better it will be!